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Replacement of Ceiling fan remote control unit

Ceiling fan pull string speed regulator

Ceiling fan light pull switch

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We specialized in ceiling fans balancing and check and repair work. Majority of the ceiling fans consist of the speed regulation circuit and the fan motor and light control switch. These ceiling fans components will wear out at some point due to prolong usage which will require it to be repaired or replaced. Getting a new ceiling fan replacement itself can cost substantially more as compared to having it repaired, which is why it is more effective to have a ceiling fan repaired.

Power Electrical is experienced in ceiling fan fix and repair works. We specialized in repairing ceiling fans. Ceiling fan fix and repair includes the following ceiling fan parts such as ceiling fan speed regulator, ceiling fan speed control switch, ceiling fan light switch, ceiling fan light kits, ceiling fan remote control replacement, balancing  of the ceiling fan (shaky ceiling fans) and ceiling fans that produce noisy/cranking sound.

DC Fan Repairs

DC Fan are getting popular these days largely is their strong selling point based on estatic look and quietness and superb power efficiency.

However like any moving parts especially ceiling Fan it is will break down due to wear and tear or electrical faults. 

The problem is usually not serious, (not involving the fan motor) as DC and AC motors are very durable.

What are the main difference between AC ceiling fan and DC ceiling fan.

Simply AC ceiling fan run on direct power from source, they are less dedicate than DC celing fan, thus is more robust but at the same time more "rough". You will commonly hear some humming or vibration from a AC motor ceiling Fan. And of course the price too. is much cheaper than a standard dc ceiling fan.

DC ceiling fan are much quietier and less harmonic from AC frequency. Apart from the low noise produce from the fan, DC ceiling fan usually give you a wider choice of fan speed selection. A typical AC ceiling fan will give you up to 3 speed low medium high. As a DC ceiling Fan is able to give up to 6 speed selection.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. Is the ceiling fan too low for my ceiling?

The mimimum height from floor to blade must be at least 2.4m

Please use the length from Ceiling to Blade as reference

E.g. If your ceiling height is 3m. 3m - 23.7cm (Blade to ceiling) =2.77M (floor to blade)

Q2. Dose the price include installation?

Afraid not. 

Q3. Why my fan wobble? Wobbly Ceiling Fan? Shaking Ceiling Fan?

Because the fan blades are not balance .

 Singapore Ceiling Fan Repair

We specialized in ceiling fans repair. Ceiling fans will all wear out at some time during the course of their life, require ceiling fan repair or replacement. Ceiling fan replacement can cost substantially more compared to repair, which is why it is more cost effective to have a ceiling fan repaired.

Singapore Power Electrical is experienced in ceiling fan repair. We specialized in repairing ceiling fan. Ceiling fan repair includes speed regulator problem, ceiling fan speed switch, ceiling fan light switch, ceiling fan speed repair and ceiling fan remote replacement. 

Common Ceiling Fan Problem

- Ceiling Fan Turning at Slow Speed is due to faulty internal electrical/electronic components

- Wobbly Ceiling Fan - Fan blade loosen

- Shaking Ceiling Fan - Bracket not secured properly

- Ceiling Fan Remote Control Not Responding check your battery and remote receiver

- Ceiling Fan Light Switch Not Working due to faulty light switch or loose wiring connection

- Ceiling Fan Speed Regulator unable to regulate speed, speed switch faulty or wiring issues

- Ceiling Fan Cranking Noise usually due to worn out ball bearings or fan coil issues

- Ceiling Fan Shaking or Unbalance due to fan blades unbalance or improper mounting of ceiling bracket

Ceiling Fan Parts Availiable


1. Ceiling Fan Pull Switch Speed Regulator 

String pull switch speed regulator 1-2-3



2. Ceiling Fan Remote Control Unit (Receiver and Transmitter)


3. Ceiling Fan Wall Speed Regulator



4. Ceiling Fan Capacitor



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