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Electric ovens operate fairly simply and straightforward. Electric Oven are usually able to repair, mainly because the components are available in most repair stores.

Most of the common problem with Oven is with their heating element, heating control unit (heating element) and fuse box

Oven Repair would be more complex for oven with electronics digital control as parts are usually harder to find

Oven Repair where do we start from?

Most of the common electric fault with electric ovens are electric oven power trip, short circuit, heating element and no heating.

Electric oven repair involve faulty heating elements in most cases.

The first thing is taking a look inside to assess the problem.

Caution: Before doing any checking on electric oven repair make sure it's unplugged, or turn off the electric power to the unit by removing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker at the main panel.

If you are unsure, feel free to electric oven singapore repair. We are most happy to give you any consultation over the phone.

Common Electric Oven Fault

1. Oven Repair - Causing Power Trip to circuit box

Electric oven takes up one of the most current (electricity) in term of power consumption

Thus it generally gives you the most electrical headache and issues.

2. Oven Repair : ELCB Tripping

Commonly cause by leakage current. As eletric oven is made of metal, With more metal contact points increases the chances and possibility of leakage current

3. Overheating

Eletric oven draws alot of current from the main electrical distribution board. Without propoer electrical installation, it will cause electric system to breakdown

4. No Power

Oven no receiving power from power source. 

If you have any questions or electric problem we will get our techincan to access your electric

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en problem.


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